Since foundation in March 1995, HCN has played
a key role in cultural development of its regional communities
as a leading multiple system operator [MSO] that
spearheads the advancement of the multimedia era.

In particular, we provide a full range of digital cable TV services, including multi-channel, high-definition and bi-directionalbroadcasting services as well as ultra-speed Internet connection, Internet phone services and also B2B rental and digitalsignage service for local communities while rapidly adapting to or leading changes in media environment triggered byconvergence of broadcasting and communication.

We also seek to enhance the quality of life for Local members by providing a variety of useful information and content rich withcultural and practical values through regional news and Local-centered quality programs.

In pursuit of healthy and sound broadcasting services, HCN is committed to performing its duties and responsibilities to solidify its position as a pivotal media of the information society with primary focus on providing quality services for localresidents.

We kindly ask for your continuous interest and encouragement.
Thank you.